Tinley Park Chimney Sweeps

As one of the fastest growing suburbs south of Chicago, Tinley Park needs a chimney sweep company that can keep up with the pace. Early Times is a certified chimney sweep company that has all the right skills and tools to make sure your chimney functions the way it should.

tinley park chimney sweeps

Chimney sweeping is an essential aspect of owning a home with a fireplace and shouldn’t be forgotten. If you neglect your chimney but still use your fireplace, your setting your home up for disaster.

Chimney Sweeping Done Right in Tinley Park

Whenever you have someone work on your fireplace or chimney, you want to find the most qualified professionals to ensure that your chimney will be safe to use.

Early Times is a certified chimney sweep company and we’ve gained the trust of many homeowners across Tinley Park and the surrounding areas. Get started on your next chimney sweeping by getting a free quote right now.

Why is chimney cleaning such an important part of owning a chimney? Over time, the walls and lining of your chimney become caked with soot and creosote and can eventually block the passageway.

Once your chimney liner gets backed up, the smoke has nowhere to go but back into your home. Plus, you’re putting your home at major risk for a chimney fire by not getting it cleaned.

Aim to have your chimney cleaned and inspected at least once per year and for those who heavily use their fireplaces, you should have it cleaned more.

Additional Home Services from Early Times

Not only are we Tinley Park’s best chimney sweep company, we provide homeowners with a vast amount of home services.

As chimney experts, we do more than cleaning. We handle projects anywhere from simple chimney tuckpointing to full on chimney repair jobs. No chimney project in Tinley Park is out of our reach.

To go along with our chimney expertise, we offer a number of fireplace products and services. Fireplace dampers, glass doors and gas log fireplaces are just a few of the many services.

Looking for added shade on your deck or patio? Early Times is a provider of premium retractable awnings that come in many styles to match your home.

Some more home services we provide are as follows:

  • Dryer vent cleaning – keep your dryer running smoothly and safely by getting your dryer vent cleaned
  • Vent covers – protect your vents from birds and other animals nesting in your home
  • Attic insulation – blown-in attic insulation is the most efficient form of insulation

Choose Early Times for Chimney Sweeping and More

Since 1985, we’ve dedicated our services to making your home safer and more efficient. From chimney cleaning and repairing to dryer vent cleaning, Early Times is a premium provider of home services for Tinley Park residents.

Your next project from Early Times is just a free quote away. Fill out our form and join the many homeowners who trust us for their home improvement projects.

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