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Incorporated in 1888, Skokie is a vibrant village and with 64,784 people, those homeowners need a chimney sweep company they can trust. For over 30 years, Early Times has been the company that Skokie homeowners look to for all their chimney needs.

skokie chimney sweeps

We know that the value and safety of your home is important to you and that’s why we dedicate our services to making your home a safer place for you and your family.

Chimney sweeping and repair is extremely important for homeowners that make use out of their fireplaces.

Chimney Sweeping Done Right in Skokie

Your chimney and fireplace need to be properly taken care of in order for them to work safely and efficiently. Neglecting to care for your chimney while still using it puts your entire home at risk for disaster.

As time goes by and you burn more fires in your fireplace, soot and creosote build up along the walls and lining of your chimney. Depending on how often you use your fireplace, the soot levels will accumulate at varying rates.

Eventually, your liner will get blocked and smoke will have nowhere to go but back into your home. This causes a major health concern for anyone inside. Plus, heat build up from smoke not being able to exit your chimney can cause a fire in a minute’s time.

A solid preventive measure to take is to get a chimney cleaning and inspection at least once per year before you start using it. This way, you’ll know you’re fireplace is ready for use and any problems can be taken care of before they get out of hand.

More Chimney Services From Early Times

Not only are we a certified chimney sweep company, we also provide a variety of other chimney services to homeowners in Skokie. We have the skills and experience necessary to take on any chimney project.

From chimney tuckpointing to full on chimney repair, you can count on Early Times to get the job done correctly – no project is too much for Early Times. Get a free quote now to get started on your chimney project.

Products and Services Beyond the Chimney

We’re called Early Times Home Solutions for a reason – we provide solutions for various aspects of your home. Aside from chimneys, we extend a number of high quality and professional products and services to Skokie homeowners.

Our expertise in chimneys stretches down to the fireplace. It only makes sense that we provide excellent fireplace products and services to go along with chimneys.

Below is a list of the fireplace services we offer Skokie homeowners:

Everything Else Early Times Offers

We’ve grown our products and services over time and now offer more than ever to Skokie homeowners.

Looking for shade over your deck or patio? Our retractable awnings are stylish, practical and easy to install and use. Available in many styles and options to match any home.

Your dryer vent plays a major role in the efficiency and safety of your dryer. Get a dryer vent cleaning from Early Times to get rid of all the built up lint and debris.

Keeping your attic well insulated is important for your home’s energy efficiency. Our blown-in insulation will insulate your attic better than traditional foam rolls can.

We offer vent covers to keep birds, debris and other annoyances away from your home.

Skokie Homeowners Choose Early Times for Home Solutions

Since 1985, Skokie has counted on Early Times for the highest quality chimney sweeping services. We thought, why stop there? Skokie homeowners now choose Early Times for a wide variety of home solutions including awnings, fireplace services, dryer vent cleaning and much more.

Start your next project with Early Times and get a free quote now to learn how we can improve your home.

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