Schaumburg Chimney Sweeps

Schaumburg is a northwestern suburb of Chicago and when homeowners in the area need a chimney sweeping, they choose Early Times Home Solutions. Chimneys and fireplaces require a certain level of upkeep to make sure they’re working properly and safe to use.

schaumburg chimney sweeps

Winters can get pretty rough in Schaumburg and if you have a fireplace, you’ll want to be able to use it to keep comfortable. Early Times has been around since 1985 and knows all there is to know about chimney sweeping.

We’ll make sure your chimney is in great condition with the best cleaning service in Schaumburg.

Benefits of Chimney Sweeping in Schaumburg

It’s extremely important to get your chimney cleaned when the time is right. The biggest reason to get your chimney cleaned is to make your home safer.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a chimney sweeping done, that should be enough for you to get one as soon as possible. Soot and creosote will build up at different rates depending on how much you use your fireplace.

When you choose Early Times for your chimney sweep in Schaumburg, you’ll be getting the best service possible. We’ll make sure to check your chimney for any existing problems while cleaning it so you can get it fixed right away.

Another benefit of chimney sweeping is that your fireplace will perform better overall. Without any build-up blocking your chimney liner, your fireplace can breathe better and burn more efficiently.

When to Get a Chimney Cleaning

While there isn’t really a definitive timeline for chimney sweeping, you should get yours cleaned at least once per year before you start using it during the colder months.

If you use your fireplace often, then you should consider getting a chimney sweeping more than once per year. You can never be too safe.

Another way to tell if you need to get a chimney sweep is if there’s 1/8″ of soot built up on your liner. If you’re unsure how to measure it properly, Early Times will provide an inspection to confirm whether or not you need a cleaning and if there are any underlying problems in your chimney.

Early Times is a certified chimney sweep company and we won’t miss anything while cleaning and inspecting your chimney in Schaumburg.

Looking for More than Just Chimney Cleaning?

Early Times does much more than just chimney sweeping in Schaumburg. We’re called Early Times Home Solutions for a reason. We provide a plethora of home services for the people of Schaumburg.

More Chimney Services

We can call ourselves chimney experts because we’re skilled in much more than just chimney sweeping. We offer many other chimney-related services.

  • Chimney liners – our stainless steel and aluminum liners will help keep your chimney protected
  • Chimney chase covers – for factory-built chimneys, chase covers prevent moisture from entering through the top of your chimney
  • Chimney tuckpointing – brick and mortar repair for your chimney
  • Chimney crowns – concrete slab that prevents moisture from getting into your masonry chimney
  • Chimney repair – no repair job is too big for us. We’ll get your chimney back to proper condition
  • Chimney waterproofing – helps prevent moisture from damaging your chimney

Schaumburg Fireplace Services

Your fireplace goes hand-in-hand with your chimney so it’s no wonder why Early Times provides Schaumburg with top-notch fireplace services.

Choose from a variety of different products and services including, but not limited to, fireplace dampers, inserts and glass doors.

Additional Services We Provide to Schaumburg

As a home solutions company, we offer even more to Schaumburg homeowners. We have a wide selection of retractable, window and door awnings to choose from.

Dryer vent cleaning is also one of our premier services and we can get your dryer back to working efficiently and safely by getting rid of all that built up lint and debris.

Take advantage of Schaumburg’s best attic insulation service. We provide homeowners with a more efficient solution for their attic – blown-in fiberglass insulation.

Tired of birds and other animals nesting in your vents? Early Times offers Schaumburg homeowners with quality roof vent covers to keep those pests out of your home.

Early Times Helps Schaumburg Homes Stay Safe

We dedicate ourselves to keeping your home as safe as possible and looking as good as it should. From chimney cleaning to retractable awnings, we provide Schaumburg with numerous home services to help you stay a happy homeowner.

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