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On the south side of Chicago sits the town of Oak Lawn, home to 56,690 people. When these homeowners are in need of chimney sweep, they turn to Early Times Home Solutions, Oak Lawn’s chimney experts.

oak lawn chimney sweep

Early Times has been serving the Oak Lawn area since 1985 and since then has helped thousands of happy homeowners with their chimney needs. If your chimney is need of a cleaning, get a free quote now and see why so many homeowners have trusted us.

Benefits of a Chimney Sweep

You’re probably wondering why it’s so important that you get your chimney swept. Every time you use your fireplace, soot layers along the walls of your chimney. The more you use your fireplace, the more soot there is.

Soot is highly flammable and can cause chimney fires. As it gets thicker, you’re putting your home at risk every time you use your fireplace. The only way to prevent anything from happening is to have your chimney cleaned.

Early Times is Oak Lawn’s best chimney cleaner. We make sure that your chimney is swept properly and the job is done efficiently. In fact, we’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America – that’s no small honor.

The Best Time for a Chimney Sweep

You’re probably wondering how often your chimney needs to be swept. To be completely honest, there’s no time frame and magic amount of time you should wait. A lot of it depends on how often you use your fireplace.

We say the safe bet is to have your chimney swept once per year. Not only will this guarantee that your chimney is clean, but it gives us the opportunity to inspect the chimney to make sure everything is working properly.

Chimney inspections are important which is why you shouldn’t trust any company. Early Times is Oak Lawn’s chimney expert. We’ve worked on many chimneys and are extremely experienced. If there’s a problem with your chimney, we’ll find it and we’ll fix it.

Other Early Times Services

We do much more than clean and inspect. There are many other services, both chimney and not chimney, that we offer to Oak Lawn homeowners. We’ll list them below so you get a better idea of what we can do for you.

Other Chimney Services Offered to Oak Lawn Homeowners

When we say we’re the chimney experts of Oak Lawn, we mean it. Other than chimney cleaning and chimney inspections, here are the other chimney services we offer to homeowners.

Oak Lawn Fireplace Services

It wouldn’t make sense for us to be chimney experts without knowing fireplaces – they go hand in hand. We provide products such as fireplace dampers and glass doors.

Get a free quote now so we can get started on your specific fireplace project.

More From Early Times

If you’re looking to add more shade to your patio, deck or porch, consider getting an awning from Early Times. Our SunSetter retractable awnings are custom-made to fit the size and shape that you’d like.

Something that’s often overlooked but can have dire consequences if neglected is dryer vent cleaning. Early Times Home Solutions will make sure your home is safer with one of our dryer vent cleanings.

If you have roof vents that aren’t covered, small animals can get into them and hurt your home’s energy efficiency. Plus, it costs a ton of money to get them out. With roof vent covers from Early Times, you can cover your vents without stopping air circulation.

Don’t let your warm air escape through your attic. Early Times’ blown-in fiberglass insulation is the perfect solution for keeping your home warm and your energy bills low. We’ll send a professional insulator to your home and we’ll make sure your insulation is installed perfectly.

Early Times is Oak Lawn’s Best Chimney Sweep and Home Improvement Company

If you need a chimney sweep in Oak Lawn, call Early Times – we’re Oak Lawn’s chimney experts. We’ll make sure your chimney is clean and everything is working properly.

Don’t think that’s all we offer. We can help you with other home improvement projects dealing with  fireplaces, awnings, attic insulation and dryer vent cleaning. We’ve made it our goal over the last 30 years to keep Oak Lawn homes clean and safe and we’d like to help you next.

Get a free quote now from Early Times and join thousands of other happy homeowners who have trusted us with their home improvement projects.

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