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Glendale Heights is a northwest suburb of Chicago and Early Times is proud to have been serving the area since 1985 with the highest quality chimney sweeping and repair.

glendale heights chimney sweeps

Glendale Heights homeowners trust us because we’ve provided outstanding products and services and truly care about making your home safer and more efficient.

Our extensive list of home solutions makes us a versatile company that can complete projects anywhere from chimney cleaning to retractable awnings for your deck or patio.

When and Why You Need a Chimney Sweep

Owning a home with a fireplace and chimney is something that many people desire. For those that do have chimneys and use their fireplaces, there are some important tasks that need to be accounted for in order to keep your fireplace safe to use.

Chimney sweeping is important because the more fires you have in your fireplace, the more soot builds up along your chimney walls and liner. If not taken care of, the soot levels can become dangerous.

Neglecting to have your chimney cleaned will result in blockages in your chimney and smoke will either build up inside or leak into your home, which is unsafe to breathe in. If enough builds up in your chimney, it can cause the soot to ignite and start a fire in a matter of minutes.

In order to prevent this from happening, you must get a chimney sweeping and inspection at least once per year before you start using it in the colder months. By doing so, you’ll know your chimney is safe to use and you can enjoy the warmth and comfort worry-free.

Early Times is Glendale Heights’ go-to chimney sweep company. Our experts will make your chimney safe and also inspect it for any underlying problems so you can fix anything before it gets out of hand.

We’re Much More than Just a Chimney Sweep Company

Along with the most trusted chimney cleaning in Glendale Heights, Early Times offers you with many more home products and services.

Our chimney services go far beyond sweeping and that’s why we’re chimney experts. We cover a wide variety of chimney projects from waterproofing to replacing your liner and everything in between.

Get a free quote now and see how we can help take your chimney to the next level.

Fireplaces, Awnings and More

There’s even more that Early Times is able to provide to Glendale Heights homeowners. Our list of products and services extends beyond the chimney into other areas of the home.

We have expertise and knowledge in a wide variety of fireplace related projects. A complete list of fireplace products and services we excel in includes:

Another one of our most popular products are awnings. We offer stylish and practical retractable, window and door awnings for Glendale Heights homeowners. We have a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from to match any home.

We also provide Glendale Heights with excellent dryer vent cleaning and attic insulation products and services.

Choose Early Times for Home Improvement in Glendale Heights

If you’re in need of chimney and fireplace maintenance in Glendale Heights, we’re the best option. Don’t forget about our other home services like dryer vent cleaning and retractable awnings either. We provide a long list of products and services in order to help keep your home safer and more energy efficient.

Starting your next project with Early Times is as easy as filling out our form and getting a free quote right now.

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