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Downers Grove is one of the largest villages in Illinois with with 49,715 people. With that many people means there’s going to be many homes in needs of a chimney cleaning. When the people of Downers Grove need the best chimney sweeps, who do they turn to?

downers grove chimney sweeps

Early Times! We’ve prided ourselves on making homes safer and cleaner for over 30 years. Our expert chimney sweeps will make sure your chimney looks great and is safe to use. Get a free quote now and join thousands of other happy homeowners.

Why You Need Chimney Swept in Downers Grove

Many homeowners neglect to have there chimneys cleaned which leads to the elephant in the room: why is it important to have your chimney swept? Believe it or not, a chimney sweeping does more than get your chimney cleaned, it makes your home safer.

Whenever you use your fireplace, smoke billows up the chimney and lines the walls with soot. Soot is highly flammable which can cause problems if it builds up too much. The longer your chimney goes without a cleaning, the higher the risk of a chimney fire.

Is there a Good Time to Have it Done?

That begs the question, how long should you wait between chimney sweeps? While there is no definitive answer for when you should get your chimney swept, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the more you use your fireplace, the more often your chimney should be swept. This should be obvious since the smoke is what causes the build up of soot.

You can measure the amount of soot that has accumulated on your chimney walls and determine if you’re in need of a chimney sweep. Around 1/8″ is too much build up and your chimney needs to be cleaned to safely use your fireplace.

We recommend having a chimney inspection once per year as well. Not only will they determine whether or not your need a chimney cleaning, but they’ll make sure there are no underlying problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Early Times – A Trustworthy Company

There are many chimney companies for Downers Grove homeowners to choose from so how do you know which is the best? Many claim to be experts and have the ability to clean your chimney. However, there’s one thing these fly-by-night companies don’t have that helps separate Early Times: experience.

We’ve been serving the people of Downers Grove for over 30 years and have proven time and time again that we’re the best of the best. Our chimney sweeps are trained to ensure a perfectly cleaned chimney each and every time.

Not only do we provide excellent cleanings, but we’ll inspect your chimney as well. In our conquest to make Downers Grove homes safer and cleaner, we check all chimneys we clean for any unknown problems to ensure that you can use your fireplace without any risks.

We do far more than just clean and inspect. We’ll go over more of the services we offer below.

More Chimney Services Available

Chimneys are our specialty which is why we do much more than cleaning and inspection. We also do a multitude of chimney repairs on many parts including liners and chase covers. We also offer chimney tuckpointing.

If you’re looking to help prevent water damage or moisture problems, we also provide chimney waterproofing and crowns. There aren’t many companies that have this level of expertise in the chimney industry.

Fireplaces From Early Times

If you’re going to master chimneys, you should know a thing or two about fireplaces as well. We offer quite a few fireplace products and services. Our gas log, ventless and insert fireplaces are the perfect addition to any Downers Grove home.

We also have several accessories to help enhance your current fireplace. An elegant glass door or durable damper will help improve the look and functionality of your fireplace.

Awnings in Downers Grove

Downers Grove homes feel woefully incomplete without awnings. We have several different awning options available. SunSetter retractable awnings are perfect for creating shade – they’ll cool your patio up to 20°.

If you want to add pizzazz to your home, window awnings and door awning are a great option. They’ll also help prevent UV rays from getting into your home, fading your walls, floors and furniture.

What Else Do We Do?

Those aren’t all the products and services we offer. Check out some other options you have at Early Times:

Downers Grove Chimney Sweeps – Early Times

Early Times is here to help the homeowners of Downers Grove with all of your chimney sweep needs. Our 30+ years of experience can’t be matched by other companies. Plus, our thorough inspection will help you rest easy knowing your fireplace is safe to use.

Chimneys aren’t all we do. From fireplaces to awnings, we offer the people of Downers Grove a plethora of different home improvement options.  Get a free quote now and join the thousands of other homeowners.

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