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Des Plaines is northwest suburb of Chicago and is home to 58,364 people which means there are many homes. When those homeowners need chimney sweeps, there’s only one company they can turn to: Early Times, Des Plaines’ chimney experts.

des plaines chimney sweeps

It’s no wonder so many Des Plaines homeowners trust us – we’ve been serving the area since 1985. In that time, thousands of homeowners have been satisfied with our chimney sweeping and chimney inspections. Get a free quote now and see why we were able to please so many homeowners.

When Should Your Chimney be Swept?

The first question you’re probably asking yourself is how often your chimney must be swept. Honestly, there isn’t some magical amount of time you should wait. Most of it depends on how often you use your fireplace because that’s what creates the soot.

We do recommend to get your chimney inspected once per year. That way, if any problems came up, you can catch them in the early stages before you’re in trouble. If your chimney needs to be cleaned during the inspection, it can be taken care of.

Chimney inspection are a huge part of maintaining your chimney. You want to hire a company who has loads of experience and will catch any problems. Early Times has been serving Des Plaines for over 30 years and our experience can’t be topped. Get your chimney inspected by us now.

Benefits of a Chimney Sweep in Des Plaines

When you use your fireplace, the smoke goes up the chimney and lines the walls with soot. The more often you use your fireplace, the more soot you’ll have in your chimney – makes sense. The problem is, soot is highly flammable and the longer your chimney goes uncleaned, the higher the probability of a fire.

Early Times will not only clean your chimney of all soot but we’ll also inspect it. Between the smoke from your fireplace and the outside weather conditions, your chimney takes a beating. We want to make sure that there are no problems that need to be addressed further.

Des Plaines Chimney Sweep Companies: Who Can You Trust?

There are many companies who claim to be experts at sweeping chimneys. They say that they’ll get your chimney cleaner than it has ever been in the past. The question is, do they have the skills to back up what they’re offering?

At Early Times, we have over 30 years of experience and skilled chimney sweeps who’s goal it is to keep your chimney safe for use. That’s why we’ve already been trusted by thousands of households.

Other Early Times Services

Aside from cleaning and inspecting your chimney, we offer many other services to improve your home. From curb appeal to energy efficiency, we have something that’s perfect for you.

We Offer Even More Chimney Services

As you already know, chimneys are our specialty. Not only do we clean and inspect them for problems, but we can fix them. We do chimney repair and chimney tuckpointing for any major problems to the foundation and interior.

We also take care of smaller parts. We can repair or replace chimney crowns, chimney liners, chimney chase covers and chimney waterproofing. All of these work together to protect your chimney from moisture and make it more energy efficient.

We Work With Fireplaces Too

If you’re looking for a new fireplace, we have many options for you as well. Many of our fireplaces are low-maintenance and extremely convenient such as a gas log fireplaces or gas and wood fireplace inserts. There are also ventless fireplaces which don’t require a vent or chimney.

We also offer parts to your fireplace as well such as fireplace glass doors which make your fireplace safer and more energy efficient. You can prevent drafts from getting into your home with one of our fireplace dampers as well.

Get the Best Awnings in Des Plaines

Window and door awnings add a unique style to your home that you won’t get anywhere else. We customize them to be the perfect shape, size, material and color for you. Plus, window and door awnings prevent ultraviolet rays from getting into your home and fading your walls, floor and furniture.

If you enjoy hanging out on your patio or deck, consider a retractable awning. We sell SunSetter retractable awnings and have them customized to the size you want. With the push of a button, it can retract back into your home to keep it safe from the elements.

We Offer Even More to Des Plaines Homeowners

Those are just some of the many services offered by Early Times Home Solutions. We also perform dryer vent cleanings and blown-in attic insulation. These will make you home more energy efficient and safer.

If you’re looking for roof vent covers you’ve come to the right place – Early Times offers both the Des Plaines homeowners. Get a free quote online for any of our products and services.

Do You Need Your Chimney Swept in Des Plaines? Get a Quote From Early Times

When you need a chimney sweep in Des Plaines, Early Times is there for you. Our experienced chimney sweeps will clean and inspect your chimney to make sure everything looks and works properly.

There are many other products and services we offer. From vent covers to chimney sweeping, we can do it all. Get a free quote now and join thousands of other happy homeowners.

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