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Crystal lake is the largest city in McHenry County with 40,743 people. Early Times is proud to serve Crystal Lake with all their chimney sweeping and repair needs. We make it our top priority to improve the safety and energy efficiency of your home.

crystal lake chimney sweeps

Chimney cleaning is an extremely important job that needs to be regularly performed in order to make sure your fireplace is safe to use. We’ve been a trusted chimney sweep company since 1985 and will gladly take on your next project.

Chimney Sweeping: When and Why

For homeowners with fireplaces and chimneys, you have something that many homeowners wish they could take advantage of. Nothing else can give the sense of beauty and warmth quite like a burning fireplace can.

Maintaining your chimney is extremely important if you plan on using your fireplace during the colder months. Neglecting your chimney will only cause you problems.

Over time, your chimney gets lined with soot and when not taken care of, can lead to fires and health hazards. Knowing that your family could be in danger should be enough to make sure you routinely get your chimney cleaned.

A general rule of thumb is to get a chimney sweeping and inspection at least once per year before you start using it. This way, any underlying problems can be taken care of ahead of time and you’ll know it’s safe to use your fireplace.

Early Times has been sweeping chimneys in Crystal Lake for many years and homeowners continue to trust us for their chimney needs. Get a free quote now and see why we’re the best chimney sweep company in Crystal Lake.

More than Chimney Cleaning

We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves chimney experts if all we did was sweep chimneys. We can take on any chimney project you have from minor tuckpointing to full blown chimney repair.

No chimney project is out of reach for Early Times and we’ll gladly help you with getting your chimney just the way you want it.

Fireplace Products and Services

Our expertise stretches beyond just your chimney. Your fireplace is the part that everyone notices and it’s where everything begins. Early Times prides itself on providing Crystal Lake with premier fireplace products and services.

Check out below our list of fireplace projects that we can help you with:

  • Gas log fireplaces – low-maintenance and a great alternative to wood-burning fireplaces
  • Ventless fireplaces – perfect for homeowners who want the aesthetics of a real fireplace but don’t have a chimney
  • Fireplace dampers – get rid of drafts coming through the chimney with a new fireplace damper
  • Fireplace glass doors – a stylish and practical addition for any fireplace. Available in multiple styles
  • Fireplace inserts – an easy and efficient way to give your fireplace a whole new look

Early Times Offers More

As a home solutions company, we extend our service capabilities to more than just fireplaces and chimneys. We offer many other home products and services to help you improve safety and energy efficiency.

Here’s a list of everything else Early Times offers to Crystal Lake:

  • Dryer vent cleaning – dryer fires are common but very preventable. Let us clean your dryer vent and improve your safety
  • Retractable awnings – perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day on your deck or patio
  • Roof vent covers – prevent birds and other animals from nesting in your vents
  • Attic insulation – blown-in fiberglass insulation to stop heated and cooled air from escaping your home

Choose Early Times for Chimney Sweeping and More

Crystal Lake homeowners need a chimney sweeping company that they can count on to get their chimneys in proper working condition and Early Times is that company.

Whether you need chimney cleaning, repair, fireplace dampers or even awnings for your patio, get started on your project today with a free quote online from Early Times.

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