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As one of the largest cities in the nation, Chicago is home to many houses that feature a chimney and fireplace. When the winter hits, you’ll want to be able to use your fireplace to keep you comfortable. Early Times provides the best Chicago chimney sweeping service to help ensure your fireplace is safe and efficient.

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Chimney sweeping is a very important task that needs to be done if you want the most out of your fireplace. The lining of your chimney can become covered in soot over time and creates a higher risk for chimney fires.

As a certified chimney sweep company, Early Times knows exactly how to get your chimney into proper working condition.

Benefits of Chimney Sweeping

The obvious benefit of a chimney cleaning is that it makes your fireplace safer. You can never be too safe when it comes to burning a fire in your home so if you can’t remember the last time you got your chimney swept, we highly recommend getting one before using your fireplace.

When you choose Early Times for your chimney sweeping in Chicago, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that your chimney will be cleaned thoroughly and we’ll check for any problems that might be hiding in your chimney.

Another benefit of chimney sweeping is that your fireplace will burn more efficiently. Without any built up soot or creosote, your fireplace will be able to burn cleaner and smoke will have a clear path out of your chimney without any blockages.

When to Get a Chimney Cleaning

While there is no exact time frame of when you should get your chimney swept, there are a few factors that can help you decide when the time is right.

The biggest factor to take into consideration when you’re deciding to get a chimney sweeping is how often you use your fireplace. If you use your fireplace frequently, you’ll need to get your chimney swept more so than if you only use it a few times per year.

One of the guidelines that the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has set is that you should get your chimney swept if it has 1/8″ of soot built up on the liner. If you aren’t comfortable measuring the soot build-up yourself, we highly recommend a chimney inspection.

Early Times’ chimney inspectors have many years of experience and know exactly when a chimney should get cleaned or not. Chimney inspections should be done at least once per year before you start using your fireplace.

Trustworthy Chimney Sweeping in Chicago

For over 30 years, Early Times has been providing Chicago with the best chimney sweeping available. Our main goal is to keep you and your family safe and we’re able to do that with experienced professionals who know everything there is to know about fireplaces and chimneys.

When you get your chimney cleaned from Early Times, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’ll make sure your chimney is in proper working condition and any problems will be addressed and brought to your attention so we can get them fixed as soon as possible.

Early Times Offers Chicago More than Just Chimney Sweeping

Here at Early Times, we provide a wide variety of home services that stretch far beyond just chimney cleaning. Below, you can find all the different services that we offer to Chicago homeowners.

Other Chimney Services

Along with chimney sweeping and inspecting, Early Times is skilled at a number of different chimney services. You can view a full list of services we provide for homeowners with chimneys:

  • Chimney liners stainless steel and aluminum liners help keep your chimney protected
  • Chimney chase covers found on factory built chimneys, chase covers protect the top of your chimney from precipitation
  • Chimney tuckpointing we’ll repair the brick and mortar joints of your chimney to get it looking like new again
  • Chimney crowns found on masonry chimneys, crowns are the concrete slab that prevent moisture from entering your chimney
  • Chimney repair from touch ups to full restoration, we’ll make sure your chimney gets back to proper working condition
  • Chimney waterproofing waterproofing your chimney will make it last longer and increase its ability to fight against moisture

Fireplace Services in Chicago

Your fireplace goes hand in hand with your chimney. We provide Chicago with the best fireplace products and services on the market.

  • Gas log fireplaces low-maintenance and a great alternative to wood-burning fireplaces
  • Ventless fireplaces perfect for homeowners who want the aesthetics of a real fireplace but don’t have a chimney
  • Fireplace dampers a new damper will help prevent drafts from entering your home through the chimney
  • Fireplace glass doors a stylish and practical addition for any fireplace. Available in multiple styles
  • Fireplace inserts an easy and efficient alternative to traditional masonry fireplaces

Chicago Awnings: Retractable, Window and Door Awnings

Early Times offers Chicago homeowners a stylish and functional addition for their homes. We’re talking about awnings. You can choose from retractable awnings, door awnings and window awnings.

Awnings provide a way to enjoy the outdoors on your deck or patio without having the hot summer sun beating down on you.

Other Services from Early Times

We also provide Chicago with blown-in attic insulation. Blown-in insulation is super efficient and will keep your attic well-insulated year round. We’ll also remove your old attic insulation before installing your new insulation.

Dryer vent cleaning in Chicago is also one of our most popular services. It’s extremely important to keep your dryer vent cleaned to protect your home from dryer fires and to keep your dryer working efficiently.

Early Times Home Solutions Offers Chicago More

Along with the best chimney sweeping in Chicago, we provide excellent chimney, fireplace, awning, dryer vent cleaning and attic insulation services. Since 1985, we’ve dedicated ourselves to keeping your home safe and efficient.

Get started on your next project today with a free quote online from Early Times.

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