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A relatively young village, Carol Stream was incorporated on January 1959. The 39,711 people have trusted Early Times chimney sweeps for all of their cleaning and inspecting needs.

carol stream chimney sweeps

It makes sense, Early Times has been service the area since 1985 and has helped thousands of homeowners. Our experts will ensure you that your chimney will be clean and it’ll be safe to use your fireplace. Get a free quote now and see why so many people have trusted Early Times.

Chimney Sweeping Is Important

Chimney sweeping is important despite many homeowners neglecting to have it done – since it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. That isn’t a great idea because it can be very unsafe to use your fireplace with a dirty chimney.

As you use your fireplace, smoke billows up the chimney causing soot to line the walls. The more you use your chimney, the more soot cakes your chimney. This is very dangerous because soot is flammable. Every time you use your fireplace with a dirty chimney, you’re putting your home in danger.

The soot also creates a blockage which can prevent smoke from escaping through your chimney. That means it’ll back into your

When to Get a Chimney Sweep

The tricky part about chimney sweeping is that there’s no set time frame to have your chimney cleaned. Since it’s dependent on how often you use your chimney, you need to keep an eye on the soot.

When you have 1/8″ of soot on your chimney walls, you’re in need of a chimney sweep. How long it takes for your to get that much soot in your chimney changes depending on your fireplace usage. You’ll need to measure the amount of soot in your chimney to determine whether it needs to be swept or not.

We do recommend you have a chimney inspection once per year. They’ll tell you if your chimney need to be swept and they can find other underlying problems. With the amount of wear and tear your chimney faces from the weather and smoke, you never know what could happen.

What Early Times Can Do For You

Many companies claim that they’re chimney experts. They parade around telling homeowners that they can clean and inspect their chimney. However, many of these fly-by-night companies lack one thing: experience.

Early Times has been helping homeowners for over 30 years. Pair that with their chimney sweep’s extensive training and you have a well trusted company that has withstood the test of time. Not many other companies can say they’ve done that.

Chimney sweeping and inspecting isn’t all we do. Check out some of our other products and services below.

Chimney and Fireplaces

To be chimney experts you must know a fireplace and chimney inside and out. That’s just what we do at Early Times. We have provide homeowners in Carol Stream many different chimney related products and services, including:

We do More Than That

Being the chimney experts doesn’t mean we can’t offer Carol Stream homeowners other products and services. Here are other options you can find at Early Times:

Early Times Are Carol Stream’s Best Chimney Sweeps

Early Times is Carol Stream’s best chimney sweep company. We help homeowners make the house cleaner and safer to live in. A simple chimney cleaning and inspection can make a huge difference in catching problems before they get serious.

Outside of chimneys and fireplaces, Early Times offers Carol Stream homeowners other products and services such as dryer vent clean and awnings. Get a free quote now and start improving your home today.

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