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In 1908, Berwyn broke away from Cicero Township and formed their own town. Today, they have a population of 56,657 and have been growing consistently since the turn of the century. When these homeowners need chimney sweeps, who can they turn to?

berwyn chimney sweeps

Early Times, of course – we’re Berwyn’s chimney experts! Since 1985, we’ve been serving homeowners with all of their chimney needs. From cleanings to inspections, we can do it all. Get a free quote now and join thousands of other happy homeowners.

All About Chimney Sweeps

First thing’s first, you’re probably wondering when should you sweep your chimney. That’s a loaded question because cleaning your chimney isn’t something that has a definitive time frame. There’s only one way to determine how often you should get your chimney swept and that’s based on how often you use your fireplace.

When you use your fireplace, you create soot which lines the walls of your chimney. Soot is highly flammable and can ignite a chimney fire. The longer your chimney goes without a cleaning, the more you’re at risk of putting your home in danger.

Plus, soot building up in your chimney can create a blockage which forces the smoke back into your home. It’s not safe to breathe it in so you’re putting yourself at risk for health concerns by not getting a chimney sweep.

You can determine whether you need chimney sweeping or not by checking how much soot is caked onto your chimney walls. If there’s more than 1/8″ lining the walls, you’re at risk of a chimney fire.

We want to help you prevent chimney fires. Our goal is to ensure that your home is safe and clean and that’s just what we’ll do. Getting a quote from us guarantees your home’s safety from chimney fires.

At Early Times, we like to do things a little bit differently. Not only will we clean your chimney, but we’ll perform a chimney inspection. With the amount of stress put on your chimney from the outside weather and smoke from your fireplace, something could go wrong. We want to make sure we address any problems before they get any worse.

Why Choose Early Times?

Many companies claim to be Berwyn’s chimney experts. They say they’ll get your chimney clean but they lack one thing: experience. Without them having years of chimney sweeping experience, you can’t be sure they’re doing a good job.

That’s what puts Early Times ahead of the rest. We’ve been helping homeowners have cleaner and safer homes for over 30 years. Our chimney sweeps are highly trained and know the warning signs of any problems that extend further than a dirty chimney.

The best part about Early Times is that we do more than just clean chimneys. We’ll go over other services we provide below.

Other Chimney Services

To be the chimney experts, you need to know all parts of the chimney and that’s what we do. Other than cleaning and inspections, here are more of the chimney related services we offer Berwyn homeowners:

  • Repairs – if there’s a part of your chimney not working, we’ll take care of it for you
  • Tuckpointing – when your mortar joints are crumbling and in need of repair, get a free tuckpointing quote form Early Times
  • Chimney liners – the stainless steel or aluminum protection for your chimney
  • Crowns – the concrete top of your chimney
  • Chase covers – prevent rain and snow from getting down your chimney. Works like an umbrella
  • Waterproofing – prevents water damage

Awnings in Berwyn

Chimneys aren’t all we do. We offer some of the best awning options to Berwyn homeowners, including SunSetter products. Whether it’s improving your home’s curb appeal or adding shade to a patio, we have something for you:

Early Times Fireplaces

You already know that we’re chimney experts. It would only make sense that we offered fireplaces as well. From gas log fireplaces to gas and wood fireplace inserts. We can give you a stylish centerpiece to any room.

There’s also hardware you can get from us. Make your fireplace safer with a glass door or you can improve your home’s energy efficiency with new dampers.

There’s So Much More

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Early Times can offer you! We also do dryer vent cleaning, attic insulation and vent covers. We weren’t joking when we said our goal was to make your home safer and cleaner.

Choose Early Times As Your Berwyn Chimney Sweeps

Despite what you might think, it isn’t hard to find Berwyn’s best chimney sweeps. Our chimney, fireplace and other services are a simple quote away. We’d love for you to join the thousands of other homeowners who couldn’t be happier that they chose us as their chimney company.

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