How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel for the Holidays

Christmas fireplace mantel decorations for the holidays

A decorated fireplace mantel is one of the quintessential looks of Christmas. Think about all the movies or children’s shows that feature shots of a fireplace mantel during the holidays. It is traditionally hung with Christmas stockings and other ornaments.

Perhaps you want to decorate the mantel this year with a traditional Christmas look? Maybe you’re looking for something new, fresh, exciting, and unique? There are endless ways to decorate a fireplace mantel for the holidays. Here are some of our personal favorites.

Traditional Fireplace Mantel Holiday Decorations

The Christmas season is chock-full of traditions that have likely been celebrated in your family for decades. It’s one of the many reasons the holiday season is so special to many families.

Christmas also involves spending evenings by the fireplace as you cozy up next to the warm heat. As a result, the fireplace mantel is an ideal place to decorate with conventional decor.

One of the most popular fixtures for mantels are Christmas stockings. The traditional look hangs off the end of the mantel as you share all the names of your household with guests.

Another traditional holiday fireplace mantel decoration is to hang a wreath off the mantel so long as it doesn’t get too close to the open flame. Garlands and bottle brush trees also are classic designs that really compliment and enhance the part of the fireplace.

DIY Christmas Village

The fireplace mantel is a great place in your living room to go wild with the imagination. As a result, creating your own special Christmas village is a phenomenal way to decorate a mantel.

A variety of Christmas villages are sold in stores for those that are strapped on time. But if you can reserve a little extra time try to make one from scratch. It’s a great activity to encourage the entire family to join.

The options for your village are endless. It really suits creative personalities that can maximize the space on top of the mantel. One suggestion is to build a mini-train track surrounding a winter, mountain village.

Paper clipboard is a solid material for DIY Christmas villages. You can add cut pine branches, evergreen wreaths, or pinecones to compliment the look. Christmas lights can also highlight a holiday village on your mantel.

Lastly, gingerbread houses look fantastic on top of a mantel. Sugar can represent authentic snow as you sprinkle it over a homemade gingerbread house roof. Add sugar cookie animals, trees, and people to complete the look!

Color-Themed Holiday Mantels

Fireplaces are produced with different building materials like brick and stone. The mantel is also usually somewhat unique to the home. Some fireplace mantels are painted while others maintain the natural stone presentation.

When it comes to holiday decorations you should take the presentation of your fireplace mantel into account and design accordingly.

For example, red and green might be cliche yet it never fails when it comes to a dependable color scheme. The festive color scheme for the holidays works really great with a fireplace mantel painted white or with natural brick and stone.

Furthermore, white fireplace mantels look really great with a frosty presentation. You can achieve it by making your own twine-wrapped trees or paper-mache cones with red and white baker’s twine to present a frosty look and feel.

Gold is another alternative that generally complements the holidays. Gold can easily get combined with white and silver for a strong, bold look that supports an overheard Christmas wreath or holiday sign.

Light the Night Mantels

Christmas lights are most commonly placed on the exterior of the home. In terms of the interior, most people only think to put them on a Christmas tree. But what about the mantel?

Lights compliment a fireplace mantel and really accent the area with the lights dimmed and the flame in the fireplace burning. Lighted garland is one of the most traditional looks and easy to apply. You can also attach ornaments and floral arrangements around a lighted mantel.

Additionally, you can really get bold by creating flashing time lights that are synchronized to Christmas songs to really impress friends and family while they visit over the holidays.

Mele Kalikimaka Fireplace Mantels

Mele Kalikimaka Christmas Decorations

Who says Christmas can’t happen in Hawaii? Even if you aren’t visiting the tropical islands for the holiday you don’t always have to settle for a traditional Christmas presentation.

In fact, many people in the United States live in climates where they rarely or never see snow. Therefore, Mele Kalikimaka Christmas mantels highlight the aspects of warmer places that celebrate Christmas like the southwest.

One way to “bring life” to a Christmas mantel that is dormant in the winter months is to add flowers. Additionally, you could add a flavor of citrus to your mantel with lemons, kumquats, limes, and clementines. The items can get evenly spaced across the fireplace mantel in decorative Christmas ornaments.

Candles also work well on top of a mantel when the fireplace is not running. You can burn conventional holiday scents like evergreen or peppermint, or go bold with a “warmer” scent.

Over-sized Art on Decorative Holiday Mantels

There are other ways to decorate the top of a mantel or directly above it. For example, oversized art is a good replacement for a standard Christmas wreath directly above the fireplace mantel.

Some homeowners like to display a holiday message like “Season Greetings” or “Merry Christmas”, while others may opt for photography that reminds them of the season.

The mantel is also a good base to set a variety of family photos. Family is very important for most people that celebrate the holidays so why not use the space to remember and think about those you care about the most?

Additionally, the fireplace mantel can serve as a place to set holiday gifts so long as the product inside the wrapping is not sensitive to heat. An even better idea is to plant fake Christmas wrapped gift boxes on the mantel to get into the holiday spirit.

Get Your Mantel in the Holiday Spirit

Regardless of how you decide to decorate your fireplace mantel for the holidays, you’ll want to make sure that you enjoy the process. Christmas decorations are a fun, rewarding time to get excited about the holidays and you can spend the entire month of December enjoying it!

Before you settle on decorations, the importance of getting a chimney inspection and cleaning is a must. Let’s face it, when was the last time you got your chimney cleaned? All that creosote buildup inside your chimney and your flue liner won’t sit too well when you decide to use it in winter. Creosote is the #1 reason why chimney fires occur and you’ll lose out on major damages and cost of repair. Speak to a specialist and get a free quote online today.

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