Reasons Why Your Dryer is Making Noise

If you notice that your dryer starts making noise when you use it, you should never ignore that. Whatever is causing that noise might be something that’s simple to fix or it might be a sign that something is very wrong with your dryer.

dryer making noise

According to FEMA, there are more than 2500 dryer caused fires every year and they result in more than 35 million dollars of damage. That’s why if you start to hear noises coming from the dryer when it’s running it’s very important to find out what’s causing the noise and get it fixed.

There are many different types of sounds that you might hear your dryer making. Here are a few of the most common types of noises homeowners hear from their dryers and what could be causing that noise.

Banging and Rattling Dryer

If you hear banging and rattling noises in your dryer vent then it could be a screw that has come loose and dropped into the vent itself. It also could be the case that there are small pieces of debris that have worked their way into the dryer vent.

You might be surprised by what can end up in the dryer vent, especially if you have kids and you don’t check their pockets before doing the laundry. Small sticks, stones, marbles, jacks, small toys, coins and other items can make it all the way through the dryer cycle and end up in the vent.

When the dryer is turned off, you can check for any missing screws or check the vent to see if there’s debris caught in there.

Dryer Vent Dripping Water

This is a sound that no homeowner wants to hear, especially if you have second-floor laundry. There could be a leak in one of the pipes, or it could just be air vapor turning into water.

If you hear dripping in your dryer vent you can look for any visible leaks but it’s a good idea to call a professional plumber to come and investigate. You could have a leak far back in the pipes where you can’t see. A plumber will have equipment that can get deep into the pipes to look for any leaks or cracks and fix them.

Dryer Whistling Noise

It can be quite alarming to hear whistling coming from the dryer vent, but in most cases, whistling is caused by air escaping between the joints. If the seal between the joints comes loose or the dryer is moved and the joints come apart, then this whistling can suddenly occur. All that you need to do to fix this is seal the joints again with some caulk to make sure they stay joined.

Dryer Making Squeaking Noise

Like the whistling noise, a squeaking noise can be jarring to hear because it’s usually high pitched and loud. However, in most cases, the cause of that squeaking is just a loose belt in the dryer. A loose belt might also cause a ticking sound that you only hear during certain cycles or when the dryer is on a certain setting.

dryer cycle making loud noises

The belt that makes the drum turn can become loose over time, especially if you often do large loads of laundry. When it comes loose, it can make that squeaking noise. You may need to call a professional to fix it but it’s a fast fix that’ll get your dryer running the way it should quickly.

Dryer Making Thudding Noise

A thudding noise in the dryer is most often due to something being in the dryer that got tangled or caught in the interior mechanism of the dryer. Shoes, a golf ball left in a pocket, neckties, scarves, even sheets can get wrapped up in the interior mechanism of the dryer and cause a rapid thudding noise.

The first thing to do when you hear a thudding coming from the dryer is to turn the dryer off, let it cool down, then take out the clothes in the dryer to see if you can find whatever got caught in there. Take that item out and run the dryer again. If it still makes a thudding noise then you could have a loose belt.

Dryer Vibrating Loudly

When there’s a vibration noise coming from the dryer the culprit is almost always lint that has built up. Lint and pet hair can get in the dryer vent and clog it. They can also cause dryer fires. In fact, lint is one of the biggest causes of dryer fires.

Often people forget to clean the lint trip between loads of laundry but it’s essential to always clean it when you’re doing laundry. If you have pets, you should make sure that you clean the lint trap before and after a load of laundry because pet hair can quickly clog the dryer vent.

How to Fix a Noisy Dryer

A loud and noisy dryer can keep you up at night. The only way to fix your loud dryer is to do a thorough cleaning that will unclog anything that is blocking the vent. At Early Times, we perform an in-depth cleaning that will unclog your dryer vent so you use it peacefully without the dryer making noise.

As a result, you’ll get everything done without hesitating to use your dryer. Speak to a specialist and get a free quote online today.

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