Door Awnings

Door awnings are the perfect addition to your home. They improve your curb appeal and shield your home from the sun and the elements. Get a free quote now for your new door awning from Early Times.

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Door Awnings

Curb appeal is extremely important to homeowners – the look of your home will help increase its value. Door awnings are a great way to improve curb appeal and make a great impression of your home.

Door awnings do more than just look pretty. They offer many other features such as shade and protection from the elements. With many colors, materials and styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect awning for your home.

Early Times is Chicago’s door awning expert. No matter the size or style of your door, we have an awning to fit your needs. Getting a free quote from Early Times is only a few clicks away.

Why You Need a Door Awning

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I need a door awning for my home?” You should be asking yourself why don’t you have one because they’re an awesome addition to any doorway.

For starters, they give your home a unique look. Door awnings have a charm and style to them that gives you a retro appeal without looking out of date. With the different material, style and color options available, you can customize the perfect awning for your door.

Speaking of customizable, Early Time’s awnings are completely customizable – we make our awnings specifically for your door. We take measurements and speak with you to see what you want from your awning. Once we’re done, we make an awning to fit your needs. You’re getting a custom made door awning when you choose Early Times.

As we mentioned earlier, looking cool isn’t the only benefit you get from door awnings. They also protect your entry door from the elements. Rain, snow, hail or debris blown by heavy winds won’t be able to strike your door thanks to the protection of your door awning.

The temperature can also be a problem. When the sun is shining directly on your door, it heats up, which will effect the temperature of your home. Door awnings shield your door from the sun’s rays, cooling it down. This will make your home more comfortable and will save you money on your energy bills.

If you have a front porch that you enjoy spending time on, then a door awning can help make it a year round hangout spot. During the summer, a door awning will shade you, keeping you cooler. When it’s raining, or even snowing, you’ll be able to sit under the awning without the fear of getting wet.

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Aluminum Door Awnings

Early Times’ awnings can be made of two different materials: aluminum or fabric. Our aluminum awnings are very durable and built to withstand anything thrown their way. From Mother Nature to children at play, you know your awning is strong enough to handle anything.

They also allow natural light into the area but block out the UV rays. This is safer for you and won’t fade the colors of your porch or deck furniture.

Aluminum door awnings are the less expensive option as well. Don’t let the price tag fool you because they’re still a great option for your door. Since our awnings are custom-made, you’re bound to find something you like at an affordable price.

Fabric Door Awnings

The other option offered at Early Times is a fabric door awning. Fabric door awnings are made from a vinyl fabric that filters out 94% of UV rays while still allowing sunlight into your home. It’s perfect for protecting you and your outdoor furniture from the sun’s harmful rays.

The vinyl fabric is also thick and won’t rip or tear when facing Chicago’s unruly weather. In fact we guarantee it with a 5 year warranty. You can rest assured knowing you have one of the most durable door awnings on the market.

Much like our aluminum awnings, our fabric awnings are 100% custom-made to fit your door. No matter the size or shape, we’ve got you covered. There are also many color options from which to choose.

Early Times is the Place to go for Your Door Awning Needs

If you need door awnings in Chicago, Early Times is the place to go. We custom-make all of our awnings to fit you specific door. Whether it’s aluminum or fabric, they’ll withstand the test of time.

Also, door awnings offer so many benefits. They keep your exterior doors protected from Chicago’s harsh elements. Rain, snow, hail and heavy wind are no match for the power of an Early Times door awning.

They’ll also make your home way cooler in the summer. Without an awning, the sun will be beating down on your door. That heat will transfer throughout your entire home. An awning will make your home more comfortable and save you money on your energy bills.

Plus, door awnings just look plain cool. It’s a look that you can find anywhere else. They’re unique and a conversation starter. Increasing your curb appeal leads to improving its value as well. You can’t go wrong with door awnings. Get a free quote now!

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