Chimney Crowns

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Chimney Crowns

Although you can’t normally see what’s happening on top of your chimney, you shouldn’t leave it forgotten. Chimney crowns are a pivotal part of masonry chimneys.

Early Times offers Chicagoland with the best chimney crown repair service to keep your chimney looking and functioning beautifully.

What Are Chimney Crowns?

Not to be confused with a chase cover or chimney cap, the crown of your chimney is the concrete slab that is located at top portion of your brick chimney.

Chimney crowns usually overhang the chimney brickwork to effectively drain water away. They should also be on a slight slope to prohibit rain and snow from accumulating on top. Chimney crowns should be approximately 4”-6” thick /1”-2” overhang.

Chimney Crown Repair and Replacement

Over time, the crown can become deteriorated and cracked, which can cause moisture to enter your chimney. It’s important to act on this right away so that you can avoid further damage to the brickwork.

If your chimney crown is still intact but has some minor damage to it, Early Times offers crown repair using a specially designed sealant to fix existing and prevent further damage. The cost of chimney crown repair depends on the level of damage and if you’ll need a full replacement or just repairs done.

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Early Times Has All Your Chimney Crown Needs Covered

The Chicagoland area has counted on Early Times for chimney crown repair and replacement for over 30 years. Whether you need a chimney crown sealed or completely replaced, our chimney experts can get the job done. We want to help keep your home safe, comfortable and in good condition.

Early Times Home solutions has all the experience and skills necessary to get your chimney crown back to the way it was when it was first built. Get a free quote online for your chimney crown repair or replacement project and see why Chicagoland trusts us!

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