Fabric Awnings Offer Many Benefits for Homeowners

You may have never thought it, but fabric awnings are an extremely beneficial feature for any home. You’ve probably seen many commercial buildings and businesses that have awnings, but did you know they have just as many advantages for residential homes as well?

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Fabric awnings do many things for your home such as add curb appeal, improve energy efficiency and expand you living space. We’ll go over all the great benefits of fabric awnings and why you should want them installed on your home.

What Exactly is a Fabric Awning?

Awnings are an addition to homes that overhang on a section of the house. Whether it’s above your deck, patio, windows or doors, fabric awnings come in many shapes and styles to match any home.

The fabrics used to make awnings have seen many advances and are now very durable and capable of withstanding Chicago’s toughest weather.

They help keep you cool in the hot summer heat. However, they do much more than just provide shade. We’ll go over all the great benefits of fabric awnings below.

Energy Savings

First and foremost, a fabric awning will improve your home’s energy savings. Homeowners nowadays are constantly trying to find ways to conserve energy and one of the best answers has been right over your head the entire time!

After installing a fabric awning on your home, you’ll notice the difference right away. They’ll shield your home from UV rays and help cool it down. In return, you won’t have to put so much stress on your air conditioner to stay at the desired temperature, thus reducing energy bills.

Increase Your Living Space

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Is there an area on your property that you want to make use of but can’t because the sun is always shining on it making it too hot? Fabric awnings are what you need to extend your home’s living space.

You can enjoy the outdoors at all times of the day with an awning that’ll shade you from the sweltering heat. If you don’t want to use your awning when the sun isn’t out then have a retractable awning installed. You’ll be able to open and close it with the push of a button or a hand crank.

Your backyard deck or patio will be completed with the addition of a fabric awning. You and your guests will surely love it.

Improve Curb Appeal

Along with energy savings and extending your living space, fabric awnings contribute to your home’s curb appeal in a great way.

Awnings can be the extra flare you’re looking for and add a unique and custom style to your home. When you choose Early Times for your fabric awnings, we’ll guide you through the entire process to help you craft the best awning for your home.

Fabric awnings are custom made to fit your deck, patio, windows or doors to ensure that a precise and clean fit is achieved. There are a plethora of styles and colors to choose from so you’ll surely find something you can fall in love with.

Long Live Your Furniture

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Fabric awnings have a lot of exterior benefits for homes, but they also contribute to what’s inside your home or what’s underneath them on your deck or patio.

What do we mean by this? By blocking out harmful rays from the sun, your furniture inside your home or under your awning will not fade and lose its color.

You’ll enjoy your furniture longer with awnings protecting it. Get a free quote today for your new fabric awnings.

Identification and Business Benefits

Fabric awnings are great for businesses because they can be customized to have your logo printed on them. They help get your brand noticed by everyone who passes by.

However, the ability to have numbers or wording on fabric awnings benefits more than just businesses. How can it benefit your home?

A popular customization option that homeowners choose to incorporate into their awnings is to have their address printed on them.

This makes it clear what your address is to delivery services, new guests and anyone else that you have coming over that doesn’t know the area very well – no more tiny numbers next to the front door.

They also help your home stand out more. If you’re the only one on the block with awnings, you can let people know that and they’ll know exactly which house is yours.

Fabric Awnings Have Many Advantages

Fabric awnings are one of the most versatile additions you can have on your home. They provide many great benefits from shade to energy savings. Plus, they are extremely customizable so you can create the perfect awning for your home.

With options such as retractable awnings, you can choose whether or not you want your fabric awning to be exposed.

When homeowners in the Chicagoland area want fabric awnings for their home, they look no further than Early Times. We’ve been serving the area for over 30 years and have the best fabric awnings available.

Whether you’re looking for window, door or patio fabric awnings, we have you covered. Starting your awning project is as easy as getting a free quote online by clicking here.

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