7 Ways to Tell It’s Time for Replacement Gutters

Many homeowners take their gutters for granted but they do so much for your home – they protect your home from being damaged. That’s why when they’re damaged, you need replacement gutters immediately.

Gutters are used to drain rain water away from your home. When they’re not working properly, you can expect water damage, paint peeling and even foundation problems with your home. Needless to say, if your gutters are damaged, you need to get new ones.

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The question is, how do you know it’s time for gutter replacement? There are some signs that will indicate to you that your gutters are damaged and in need of replacing. We’ll go over 7 of the most common signs below. Let’s get started.

1. Find Parts on the Ground

Many sectional gutters are held together by screws, bolts and fasteners. As gutters age and go through normal wear and tear, you might start to find pieces on the ground. If you do, you may need replacement gutters.

When parts start falling off of your gutters, they start leaking and allowing water to splash onto your home and ground. They can cause pooling water, water damage and even foundation damage. It’s best to get your gutters replaced as soon as possible.

Seamless gutters don’t have seams that need to be held together – ¬†they’re just one long gutter that’s attached to your roof. Since that’s the case, you won’t have to worry about finding parts lying on the ground. They’re also much more durable than sectional gutters.

2. Gutters are Sagging and Pulling Away From Your Roof

Over time, you might see your gutters starting to bend or sag. They could even start to pull away from your roof. If you notice this, don’t wait. You need to act quickly by getting replacement gutters.

The more your gutters pull away from your roof, the more likely they are to fall. Not only will you need to get gutters then, but your roof will be damaged. Avoid any problems by getting gutters sooner.

Let’s say your gutters are just sagging, but they’re firmly attached to your roof. This is still a problem because water will be able to pool over the damaged section and onto your home.

3. Exterior Paint is Peeling

When you see your exterior paint beginning to peel, you’re in deep trouble. No only are your gutters pulling away from your home, but it has been happening for a while. Water is allowed to drip down your siding and cause damage.

paint peelings on a house

Peeling paint is only the start of your problems though. Water damage extends much further. It can damage the wall itself and even cause mold to grow. You’ll need to do extensive remodeling work just to clean up the mess.

4. Water Stains Under Your Gutters

If you don’t have paint on your home, there’s still signs that water is leaking on your home. Water stains are a sign that your home isn’t being protected from rain and snow.

This usually happens when your gutters are pulling away from your roof. The rain either hits between your roof and gutters or the water in your gutters splashes out. Either way, you’re in need of replacement gutters immediately.

5. Your Gutters Leak During Storms

Your gutters don’t have to be pulling away from your roof or warping for there to be leaking problems. If there are gaps between sections or holes in your gutters, water will be able to leak through and onto your home.

Sealant can help fix these problems for a short time but think of it like a band-aid. It will only work for so long before you need a more permanent solution. Replacement gutters are the only way to ensure that this problem won’t happen again.

6. Eroded Landscape

Sometimes the damage isn’t to the house itself but rather your lawn or plants. If the water leaks over the edge of the gutters away from your home, it will pool in your lawn and cause massive water damage.

You spend a lot of time, energy and money to make sure your home’s exterior looks good – including your lawn. The last thing you want to do is allow your faulty gutters to destroy all of your hard work by damaging your lawn.

7.  Separated Gutters

If you don’t have seamless gutters, there’s a lot more problems that can occur. You already know about screws and bolts falling off but there are other problems.

Since sectional gutters are made up of sections that are fastened together, it’s possible for them to come apart. In fact, it’s a pretty common occurrence. When this happens, water is allowed to pour out of them like a waterfall and onto your home and lawn.

Not only will you need replacement gutters, but your best bet is to get seamless gutters. Since they’re made up on one continuous piece, you’ll never need to worry about them coming apart.

If You Need Replacement Gutters, Early Times is Here to Help

Having damaged or broken gutters can be a major problem. They can ruin your home’s exterior, roof and landscaping. If you’re noticing any of the 7 signs above, it’s time for replacement gutters.

seamless gutters

When you’ve determined that it’s time to replace your gutters, you should highly consider seamless gutters. Since they’re made of one large piece that extends around your home, you won’t have to worry about them coming apart or sagging.

Early Times Home Solutions is Chicago’s gutter expert. We’ve been helping homeowners with their gutter needs for over 30 years. Our seamless gutters will be able to handle even the worst Chicago weather. Get a free quote now and see why so many homeowners have trusted us with their replacement gutters.

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